ITSM Success: Quick Issue Resolution with the Jira Service Desk & Insight

demicon implemented an ITIL compliant Service Desk Solution for one of the largest logistics company in the world that consequently experienced a significant impact on the reduction of the Median Time to Resolution (MTTR).

Customer Engagement Highlight

One of the largest transport companies worldwide requested that demicon implement a customer service platform with the Jira Service Desk and Insight for asset management. The company operates in over 130 countries and experienced challenges involving IT and customer service when they decided to merge several service divisions into one. The challenge was that they needed a tool to manage all their service requests and assets in order to gain control of their system and provide better services to their customers.

Managed AWS Services: Fast Implementation

demicon’s solution was to present the Jira Service Desk and Insight with a few other apps that operate in demicon’s AWS environment. One of the great benefits of Jira and Insight is that the implementation phase is very short compared to many other competitors and the customer demo is easy to setup.

The project lasted only for 5 months before the system successfully went live. For an enterprise company with many different stakeholders involved, such a quick solution was a major success.

Up and running – with an impact

After the Jira Service Desk and Insight had been live for a few months, there was an average of 1,200 tickets created each month. The goal was to lower the number of tickets and shorten the Mean Time to Resolution (MTTR). To lower the MTTR, Insight plays a major role in its ability to find the related assets immediately. Consequently, the ticket and MTTR figures were greatly impacted.

As a result of Insight’s flexibility, there is an opportunity to use it to manage different kinds of assets within the company. In addition, although the Jira Service Desk is based on the concept of customer service, it is not possible to include additional information about the customer. To solve this problem, over 4,000 customers were added to Insight, which allowed the agents to easily access additional customer information in the Jira issue, such as their location, telephone number, and role.

This is just the beginning:  30,000 assets will become 1 million

In addition to its customer base, the company is also managing its 300 applications and numerous hardware assets in the Insight. In total, the company was managing approximately 30,000 assets in Insight at first and after the implementation of Insight Discovery, the network scanning tool, the asset count was expected to rise to 1 million assets.

In addition to Insight, several other apps were used as a part of the solution such as  ScriptRunnerAutomation for JiraRefinedWiki, and eazyBI. EazyBI and Insight have an integration, which allows the monitoring of all asset information and the generation of Insight reports with ease.

We did it: we have achieved customer satisfaction!

After the solution went live, customers’ satisfaction increased significantly. In addition to their tickets being resolved faster, they can also easily raise tickets, track them and in overall, everything is more visual to the end customer.

“The key to success in any project is the positive customer relationship and meeting the customer’s expectations” – Christian Herrmann, an Atlassian Technical Consultant.

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